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 Wärtsilä Linesafe bearings

Wärtsilä Linesafe bearings


Describe project

Our engineers listened to customers and developed a solution that meets market demands - the Wärtsilä Linesafe bearing. Flexibility is allowed within the standard configuration, with one bearing design suitable for multiple different configurations, such as forced lubrication or self-lubrication. This means that Wärtsilä can meet the demands of any customer, with improved response times and a first-rate product tailored to their needs. As it is fitted with the PT-100 device, the Wärtsilä Linesafe bearing comes digital-ready as standard. This allows for modern condition monitoring systems to be easily integrated. The Wärtsilä Linesafe bearing offers a lean and cost-efficient design that is flexible to specific customer needs. The customer is always in control of the final product.

Highest quality design and materials

The Wärtsilä Linesafe bearing is a fully split, hydrodynamic bearing with a self-aligning design. It consists of a modular housing made of high-quality cast iron. The plain bearing is also made of high-quality cast iron, lined with environmentally compliant white metal, giving the optimal running surface. The ideal ratio between bearing shell length to shaft diameter, along with our unique white metal application process, allows for the highest radial loads.