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 Hydraulic rotary vane pump T6, T67, T7 series

Hydraulic rotary vane pump T6, T67, T7 series

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Hydraulic industrial vane pumps reduce installation costs and drive extended life due to their high pressure capability, up to 320 bar in a small operating envelope.They are optimized for industrial applications. 
The high pressure design reduces installation costs and provides extended life at reduced pressure. These vane pumps have been specially designed for high/low circuits. The combination of different cartridges in double and triple pumps allows low flow at high pressure and high flow at lower pressure. This is the intelligent way to optimize your circuit design. The pump also allows a very fast pressure cycle change with a very precise flow repeatability. 
• Industrial 
• Railway 
Features & Benefits: 
• Reduced Energy Consumption : The high mechanical & volumetric efficiency, typically 94%, reduces heat generation and allows speeds down to 600 RPM at full pressure. 
• Lower Noise Level : The wide speed range capability from 600 RPM to 3600 RPM, combined with large size cartridge displacements, will optimize operation for the lowest noise level in the smallest operating envelope. 
• Increased Lifetime : Parker's double lip vane concept raises particle contamination resistance. In addition, the low ripple pressure (± 2 bar) reduces piping noise and protects other components in the circuit. 
• Ease of Installation : Parker's industrial vane pump significantly simplifies installation design by using the same body for all displacements. The port orientation allows customized installation and is ideally suited to restricted access conditions. 
• Presses 
• Injection machines 
• Lubrication 
• Machines tools


Rotary vane


for industrial applications

Other characteristics

high-pressure, fixed-displacement, for high flow rates, small, for low flow rates



Max.: 320 bar (4,641 psi)

Min.: 75 bar (1,088 psi)