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Viet Phong Industrial Services Co., Ltd - VPISC operates in the field of supplying equipment and spare parts for the industries of Shipping, Shipbuilding, Seaport, Thermal Power, Steel, Cement, etc.
The company is acting as a commercial representative for major manufacturers in the world such as WinGD Ship Main Engine (formerly known as Sulzer Main Engine), Wartsila Ship Main Engine and Powertrain, Wartsila Propeller Sealer,
The company is also the commercial representative for a European manufacturer of bulk loading and unloading equipment, conveyor systems, equipment for stacking and unloading in warehouses, as well as loading and unloading and handling systems.
The company also has long-term experience in the field of spare parts and materials for the shipbuilding and ship repair industry, the oil and gas industry, and is engaged in retailing other products such as lubricants and additives.

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