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 Wärtsilä Airguard (Two Pipe) System

Wärtsilä Airguard (Two Pipe) System


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Introduced in 1998 the Wärtsilä Airguard seal has proven itself in the marine industry for its robustness and reliability. We have now developed a new solution based on the successful Wärtsilä Airguard technology, which offers vessel owners a smart way to upgrade almost every vessel type in a lean and cost-efficient way.

The new Wärtsilä Airguard two-pipe system has been developed to significantly reduce the scope of installation work and limit time in dry-dock. It uses the existing lube oil system and the auxiliary equipment, which reduces cost and saves equipment space. The Wärtsilä Airguard two-pipe system comes with an innovative oil circulator. This helps to secure the operation of the standby seal with no need for any additional piping. This in turn helps to promote lubrication and cooling, further increasing the durability of the seal.