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Dipali Kuchekar of Lloyd’s Register talks autonomy in shipping and diversity

Dipali Kuchekar, Product Manager at Lloyd's Register, explored the intersection of technology and diversity in maritime in a recent interview with Seatrade Maritime News.

Kuchekar delves into the world of autonomous vessels and reduced manned ships, offering insights into the activity within the Middle East region. She alsoo utlines the work Lloyd's Register is doing on autonomy in the industry and shares the available frameworks for assurance.

Looking ahead, Kuchekar discusses how she anticipates technology to evolve in the next five years and offers advice on how regulators can encourage safe development of autonomy in shipping. 

The conversation takes a turn towards Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. Discover why these principles are vital to Lloyd's Register, and learn about the tangible impact diversity initiatives have had on the Middle East shipping sector.

And watch the interview now ind out what message would share with the entire maritime industry if given the chance.

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