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Suez Canal extends rebates for LNG carriers plying US and Asia trade

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) is extending rebates for LNG carriers transiting the waterway on voyages between US to Asia.

To promote transits of the Suez Canal by LNG carriers on both laden and ballast voyages a series of discounts would remain in place till the end of the year.

For LNG carriers plying between “American Gulf” & ports South of the “US Gulf” and ports in Asia the higher of two sets of rebates will apply.

The rebates are scaled depending on how far East the vessel calls with a 30% rebate for ports from Sur port in Oman through to Cochim India; a 60% rebate for ports east of Cochin until before Port Klang, Malaysia; and 75% for ports from Port Klang eastwards.

For LNG carriers plying between between ports in the “East Coast of North America” and Indian sub-continent ports and Far East Asia a lower set of rebates will apply. There is a 10% rebate for ports from Karachi, Pakistan to Cochin, India, and a 35% discount on normal tolls for ports east of that area.

Vessels pay the full normal tolls for the Suez Canal and then apply for the rebate. The amended rebates applied from 1 July 2023.

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