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Hafnia steps into dual-fuel methanol landscape

Global operator of product and chemical tankers, Hafnia, has ordered four methanol-fuelled tankers– marking its first investment and step into the dual-fuel methanol landscape, further enhancing its values and ambitions towards a greener future.

The deal - with joint venture partner, Socatra - will see Hafnia take delivery of the four 49,800dwt dual-fuel methanol chemical, medium-range tankers from Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) from 2025-2026.

Confirming the order, Søren Steenberg Jensen, Head of Asset Management said: “Given the time it takes to build a vessel and the time it takes actually to start moving the needle on carbon emissions, it is important to act now and take proactive steps in decarbonizing the maritime industry.”

All four vessels are fixed via time-charter to TotalEnergies shipping entity CSSA for a multi-year period.

In 2023, Hafnia took delivery of two of its four Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) dual-fuel LR2 product tankers built by GSI, with the remaining two to be delivered up to 2024. 

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