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Given the risks involved, it’s understandable that naval shipbuilders take specialist advice to ensure their RAS/FAS systems are safe and compliant with ATP-16(D). But that doesn’t mean you should compromise on space, stealthy architecture, or multi-use design.

We work flexibly alongside naval designers, to specify, site and install RAS/FAS supply and reception stations in a way that fits with your design objectives.

For example, we can help you maximise efficiency aboard today’s multi-role support vessels – and indigenous production by enabling domestic manufacturers to build key components to print.

Abeam and astern replenishment

Around the world, we help blue-water navies to replenish underway, with equipment that best suits the operational objectives of each craft:

Abeam replenishment / STREAM rigs using heavy jack stays to transfer up to 1,000 m3 of fuel per hour, and solid cargo of up to two tonnes at a time, in conditions up to sea state 5.

Light jack rigs enable rapid replenishment alongside, with personnel and cargo up to 250 kg.

Astern replenishment of diesel and occasionally aviation fuel, including in challenging weather conditions.

RAS/FAS systems to fit your vessel

We use advanced spatial analytics software to analyse structural interactions, and the forces acting upon the system in different sea states. We can compare different approaches, and help you implement RAS/FAS in the safest and most effective way, without compromising your design.